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All about pioneering technologies such as HDTV, FICE dual-mode imaging and DBE

Endoscopy Products

Optimally coordinated components for the highest level of quality.


Disposable products and reusable standard and specialist equipment.

Endoscopy Video

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4-LED Multi Light technology

Fujifilm's unique 4-LED Multi Light™ technology illumination system provides optimal illumination using variable LED light intensity for highest standards in brightness and contrast.


The combination of special light wavelengths results in improved and accurate contrast imaging.


Increased contrast in red colour leads to improved detection of inflammation and accurate delineation.

CMOS Technology

World premiere: Over megapixel CMOS image sensor producing super-high definition images.

Multi Zoom

Multi Zoom for easy zoom control and smooth focusing

ColoAssist Adjust 

Fujifilm’s renowned ColoAssist has been optimised for the 700 series colonoscopes and now includes the Flexibility Adjuster for easier insertion in addition to advanced force transmission and adaptive bending.

Smart Bend

Smart Bend for advanced observation and treatment

Ultrasound Technology 

The ultrasound revolution for optimum image quality.

FICE Dual Mode 

Simultaneous display of white light and FICE images on a single screen.

HDTV System

A forward-looking complete system that redefines the use of HDTV in endoscopy.

HD System

Cost-effective digital technology: the new high definition standard in endoscopy.

ESD Technology

Endoscopic submucosal dissection using electrical surgical knives.

Double Balloon Endoscopy

The unprecedented milestone in colonoscopy and ERCP.

DICOM on-board

An integrated interface for seamless incorporation into the existing network.

Transnasal Endoscopy

Greater comfort for patients, greater potential efficiency at medical clinics and hospitals.

Video processors

For innovative endoscopy in HDTV or HD quality.

ELUXEO™ 700 series

The new ELUXEO™ 700 series endoscopes with One-Step Connector and easy-to-control G7 grip.

Endoscopes 600 series

New horizons in diagnostic performances and therapeutic treatments

Endoscopes 580 series

New horizons in diagnostic performances and therapeutic treatments

Endoscopic Ultrasound

High-end quality in a compact body

Double-balloon endoscopy

Unprecedented technology; the gold standard in examination of the complete small intestine.

580 / 530 series bronchoscopes

The best image quality and operability in bronchoscopy.

GI Endoscopes EVE 530 series

The cost-efficient alternative to HD endoscopy.


Realising enhanced observation and diagnosis


Disposable high-frequency knives for endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD).

accessories for DBE

Everything for therapeutic and diagnostic double-balloon enteroscopy.

Accessories for Transnasal Endoscopy

Simple to use and safe to perform.

Retrieval baskets

Highly functional and the best quality.

Sclerotherapy / Injection Needles

The ideal solution for every intervention.

ERCP/ EPT/Balloon Catheters

The range for the biliary and pancreatic duct system.

Polypectomy Loops

A broad product range for precise work.

Cytology / Cleaning Brushes

For reliable hygiene standards in endoscopy.

Biopsy Forceps

Safe removal of tissue samples.

Foreign Body Forceps

For the precise gripping, holding and manipulation of foreign bodies.

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